Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best Birthday Present So Far . .

Helga, Torfi, Bob and I went out last night for my Birthday Dinner.

Today my birthday nap turned into a 6 hour power nap. I have slept most of my Birthday away. Maybe I can stay awake and do some work tonight, since I have just gotten back online.

I have received Birthday wishes from:
Reasa was a day early on facebook.
There was a security check girl in NYC that wished me happy birthday as I went thru the security. I thought that was above and beyond being nice. I wanted to kiss her.
My BFF Yvonne called me first.
Bob was second.
Devesh, Chirag, Deepa and Shlok.
Snehal on facebook.
Michelle sent me an eMail.
Sherry on my blog.
Kevin and Ronda.
Jessica, Stephanie, Licia, Torfi, Tennille, Thelma, Brandon, Wess, Sandi, Marsha and Connie on facebook.
Kimi sent me this awesome video where Cade and Camden wished me Happy Birthday.

Mom and Dad.


Sherry Adams said...

That is so sweet!
Loves like the older one got a little slopper at the end though. HA HA

Sherry Adams said...

Srrry Looks

Sherry Adams said...

Gosh I can not spell today