Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wed 14th

We had a great day at the KITE FESTIVAL. We first picked up Randy and Olivia (a model from Chicago, actually they are both from Chicago). Then we went to Pranva's roof and he taught us to try the strings and we got to fly kites. The excitement is there is fine glass in the string and you try and cut down the other kites flying in the sky. You have to put band-aids on your fingers to protect them, I somehow managed to cut down about 5 kites on Pranva's roof. Darshini fixed us breakfast there which consisted of a traditional rice dish and various fruits.

Then off to Neal and Tanuto's for lunch. Their cook didn't show up so we went out for lunch. We tried to fly kites on their roof, but not many kites in their area. So kite flying didn't last long.

We then all got in the car and drove down to old Ahmedabad. Snehal invited us to the roof of a hospital. You have never seen so many kites. I only managed to cut 2 kites. We got a couple of kites REALLY high before they cut ours. Snehal's mom, sisters, girlfriend and 2 daughters and alot of friends were there, they were all very glad to see me. Imagine that.

There was an older Indian lady in her Saree. She was maybe 80. She had climbed 8 flights of stairs and had to climb over a 4 foot wall to get where we were, but she was there with her sister and her husband. I was sitting on a blanket with Snehal's girlfriend Vatoo. This lady came and sit right next to me and started to talking to me, no at me because I couldn't understand one thing. Anyway Vatoo helped translate. I took pictures and will get them online as soon as possible. SHE was great.

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