Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I arrived in NYC at 12:30pm today. I had to go from Terminal 3 to Terminal 4. Sounds easy? I found 2 other ladies and we all got lost. While we were on the air train, I learned one was from Fort Worth and the other from Dallas, no wonder we got lost in NYC. They were headed to Egypt. My seat mate on the last flight from Detroit to NYC was also going to Egypt. Sounds like I should have went with them. They left are leaving at 6:20 am. They are probably boarding their plane. I have till 10:00 pm before we board. Then it will be a 12 hour flight to Dubai. Then another 2 to Ahmedabad.

I don't think that there will be a big crowd when I get there. 3:10 am doesn't make alot of people want to come out to the airport to get you. Bob said that I could take a bus, they are right outside the airport.


Bengi said...

Mom, please be careful! I love you and would just die if something happenend to you.

Since you have left comments on other posts I'm wondering if you are considering watching my kids for my birthday.

My first preference is you!

Let me know!

Bengi said...

Have you made it there yet? I'm getting worried!

TravelinGranny said...

You can all me or text me on the phone. You could get skype and see me while we talk for FREE.

Where are you going on your 40th birthday? Maybe I want to go with you? Or is it just a private weekend with hubby?

I will be home, putting in your request early is a pretty good idea. LOL I have a first come first serve basis.