Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jan 23rd

Back from DIU! What a great time we had!

Bob and I and 3 other American's spent 3 days on the beach in Diu, this is owned by the Portuguese, in other words you can buy alcohol there and they have Portuguese food, churches built in the 1600's. I got to go inside that church, The nuns were going to the top of the church to ring the bells. There is also a fort there, actually the original city of Diu is inside the fort It was really old, we rode scooters all over the city, walked along the beach of the Arabian sea, swam in the infinity swimming pool, had drinks and ate. The streets of Diu are so small cars can't get down most of the streets. We had a really good time.

Thank you Allyson, Randy and Olivia for sharing such a great Diu get away.

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