Sunday, July 20, 2008

July 20th

We went to Snehal's for dinner. I am not sure what we ate, except the macaroni and cheese (they put pineapple in it. It's not that good with pineapple in it!) But it was all very good. We do enjoy talking with them. Although there are alot of translating by Snehal.

We slept in, took a walk around our new neighborhood, which they call societies. There are some really nice bungalow's in the society. There is a park in the middle that has grass and lost of flowers. We came home and I did some reading this morning. At 1pm we went to BBQ Nation. It was the first American brunch that I have got to go to. There were 12 American's. So English was flying. It was nice, we really enjoyed the food and the company. I spoke with Cindy which we met at Coffee Day. They are moving here, but her kids are staying in America and going to college. I think she is going to have a hard time for a couple of months. I hope that I can help her thru the rough times in the time that I am here.

We then went shopping. Finally found some flour. I found a Philbury brownie mix. Tomorrow they are shutting down the state, because of the death of the 2 little boys. So I will have time to fix them. Bill Hooper said that his Muslim driver took him to a butcher this morning on the out skirts of town. They had BEEF. Bob is going to go with him next Sunday.

Reasa wants me to make cinnamon rolls. Michelle wants fried chicken, thanks to Bob. I am not sure I even want to try a cocoanut cream pie. Now you have to remember I have no oven. I do believe that Michelle does, she has a whole 10 bedroom home.

We then went to the fruit and vegetable market. We are stocking up so that we can stay home all day tomorrow.

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Bengi said...

Mom, I am so sorry I missed your call yesterday. We are having a blast. WE LOVE THE MOTORHOME!!!!!! The kids sleep, watch movies or play their playstations. AWESOME!!!! Love You.