Friday, July 18, 2008

July 18th

Reasa called early on Friday and said that they were meeting for coffee at 11:30am and I was going to take my first solo rickshaw ride, it wasn't far and I probably was a little nervous. Then Chirag came up and told us not to go out. It was funerals for 2 little boys that drowned (there is some questions about their deaths) so they started rioting and the governor shut down the whole city. There were no rickshaws, EVERYTHING was closed. They were in old Ahmedabad a long way from us. Buses were burned, rocks were thrown and a report's camera was broken. Chirag said if we needed to go somewhere he would take us, so I didn't get to go to coffee or take my first rickshaw ride.

Robert and Reasa's private driver came and got us last night. We were out really late last night. We went to the Hooper's, we were having game night. One thing about game night, you need to have games. Reasa and Michelle went to get them yesterday and due to the stores being closed, they couldn't buy any games. We had a really good time. 5 Michelle kids, 1 Reasa boy it was a houseful of laughs and fun.

Michelle is a body builder and she works out every morning at 6:30 am. She keeps begging me to come and work out with them. I need to! I just can't get up that early and get to the gym they go to. I used the excuse last night about no tennis shoes. She has the place she goes that gets reebok's and Nike's really cheap. The guy is like a bootlegger for the shoes that arrive on freight ships that bring the shoes. Sounds a little screwy, but I am going to go with her and check it out. They have a reebok store here in the mall, but they are really high. Not has high as American, but I just think I can find them cheaper than the mall prices. It sounds like Michelle can take me to her store.

We are going to Snehal tonight, his mom is fixing us dinner. He will come and get us in his car, so we wont be out on the streets tonight.

I got up and fixed my blueberry green tea for breakfast that Kimi had given be right before I got on the plane. IT WAS SO GOOD! It made me think of her. Eating really sucks here. You would think I would lose some weight.

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