Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16th

It was a tough day to keep online. Our wireless kept going offline. After lunch Reasa and us went to Tomato's and ate, then Parnva took us to get our month permits to buy beer and wine. It was really an experience. We laughed and had a great time. We left with beer, wine and scotch. We are having a game night this Friday night and we needed beer for the boys.

I fixed egg salad and corn for super, Bob had bought chocolate and lemon tarts for dessert. After dinner Snehal came over and had a couple of beers. We had brought him some DVD's from USA. We were really glad to see him. His mother Asmita has invited over for dinner on Saturday. Indian food. They live in old Ahmedabad right by the old gate. They run a bangel and bende shop and live above the shop. It the most beautiful place when you walk in. Rows and rows and rows of bangles (bracelets), every color in the world. Then the bendes are the third eye that they were on their foreheads. Again every color and design that you can imagine. Kosha buys for the shop and she will also be there. She is Snehal's sister. She is the one that did my henna on my hands last year. So I may come home on Saturday with new henna.

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