Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 12th

I called everybody last night. My phone cames in UNKNOWN and Kimi said "Who is this?". I have just been gone a week and she already forgot my voice. Her and Chad are probably still at work packing. They are moving into a new home. The movers come in Saturday morning.
We stayed in most of the day yesterday. It rained really hard almost all day. We went to the mall, then to the milk man for milk and the bread man for bread. There was water EVERYWHERE. I can see how mosquitoes can breed so easily. I don't see any standing water around our bungalow, but that is something I am taking precautions with.
Bob has been going to bed about 9pm Bob gets up at 4am and works till about 8am then goes back to bed. I stay up till 11pm or 12pm and then sleep until 7am. We have most of US and India business hours covered.

They got the wireless connected, electric plugs in the living room moved so Bob moved the living room around. The apartment is coming together nicely.

Bob and I went to get his haircut. We then went to Himaylia Mall and ate at "Papa John's Pizza". The salad was pretty good, they put alot of dressing on their salads. Reasa called and she joined us. I meet Ben her 4 year old son, he is the only caucasian little boy model in India. Ben has those beautiful blue eyes and long eyelashes like Cade. We took him to McDonald's and then we went to the 99rupies store. They have alot of American food. I got diet Shasta. Ben was all excited about "Skittles". Reasa has a private rickshaw driver. So she then called and they took me home. I haven't ventured out on my own yet. Reasa and Ben came up to see the bungalow.

At 7:45pm Reasa and Robert came to pick us up to go to dinner, they leased a car and driver. We took Ben to Bill and Michelle's. They have 5 kids from 12 yrs to 2 yrs. We went into their 10 bedroom home that is leased by the "Bosch" company. What a great bungalow. Guys had a beer and we then went to BBQ Nation to feast on the best food I have had in Ahmedabad. There are about 3 new restaurants that have opened that cater to American's not including Papa John's. India is changing so fast.


awoman said...

OK so it just a little water......

No seriously The sink in your bathroom is leaking I don't know where to
turn off the water. Or really what to do... But something will need to
be done prior to you getting home so maybe Martin????? Call me!

It wasn't wet on the floor when I was giving them a bath but about two
hours later I went in there and the rug was soaked the towls under the
sink and your full package of toilet paper were all wet.... So I don't
know. I tund teh valve were I thought was leaking from but it didn't do
anything. It is a drip but it still is leaking...

Kati St. John

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