Saturday, July 12, 2008

3rd Trip to India

We were on the plane to NYC when we realized we were going to land at Lagordia Airport and our flight to India was leaving out of JFK. We have 6 hours between landing and taking off, so we were hoping that we could make it from Lagorida airport to JFK. Finally we found someone on the plane that said that it's not far. First adventure of our trip. We caught a cab and was at JFK in about 15 to 20 minutes. Jet Airways ticket counter didn't open till 4:00 pm and there was nothing at the airport. We found a couple of chairs and watched people.

We were the first in line at the ticket counter so we got exit rows all the way to Ahmedabad India. The first 8 hour flight a little boy was sitting behind me. Guess what his darling little feet just reached the back of my chair. He did ALOT of kicking. Have 2 very small grandsons I am a little more compassionate than someone might have been. I said something to the stewardess and she asked who the parent was to the little boy. They did not speak English and the mother had put her 4 kids in the row behind us. #1 it didn't stop him from kicking, #2 there was no place to move and #3 they should all the kids in the back of the plane together. So it was a very long trip. I kept thinking that he would go to sleep, and about the time that I would think that he would kick.

Our first stop was in Brussells. It was not a long stop. We changed planes and got back on the plane. This flight was alot better. The seat behind me was emtpy. Bob and I both slept 6 or the 8 hours. We arrived in Mumbai and had a 10 hour layover till our last flight to Ahmedabad. So we decided to get a hotel. We went to the window and booked a hotel that was close to the airport. You have to do from International airport in Mumbai to the domestic airport anyway, so we stayed at the Marigold. It was about 10 minutes from the airport and they hotel cab came and picked us up. It was 12 am and we slept until 7am. The hotel provided a complimentary breakfast and then off to the airport.

It sure did help with the jet lag. We arrived in Ahmedabad at noon. We really felt great. They took us to the new bungalow. We were very impressed. I will have pictures up before too long.

Our days and nights are a little messed up. But we did manage to go shopping and spend about 50,000 rupies. $1,250USD on 1 air conditioner, a couch, 2 matching chairs, coffee table, 2 end tables, refrigerator, TV, buffet for kitchen, 2 bookcases, wicker patio love seat and matching chair. All delivered up 1 flight of stairs, installed and assembled. We still need a bed, but still looking. I want flowers for my entrance patio and the balcony off of the living room and bedroom. I can actually have FLOWERS.
Dilput is very busy cleaning and putting the bungalow in order. He is a busy little man, three floors and 3 large patios. It is a fantastic bungalow. I wish that you all could come and enjoy it. We have employee's 24 hours, so that is a little weird. You have Indian music playing all the time. It's not loud up here, and it doesn't keep you from sleeping.
We went out to eat last night. Had a little trouble giving the rickshaw driver the directions back to the bungalow. We turned one block to soon or we would have been OK. If they would just put up a street sign,
the actual directions are:
"Ahmedabad" is the city
"Satellite" is the township
"100 Ft. Road" is the street you go down to get to
"Anand Nagar Cross Road" which is the nearest intersection
"near Madhur community center" which is a landmark across the street.
"2 Shivalik Bungalows" is the actually house number.

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